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Patuna Chasm: A Wonderful Wairarapa Walk

emilysintransitApril 16, 2021

I brace myself as I step into the icy water. I feel my shoes fill up and the cold start to creep up my legs. But my thoughts of being cold quickly disappear. I gaze around at the beautiful Patuna Chasm and marvel at the wonderful place I have found myself in.

About the Patuna Chasm

The Patuna Chasm is a stunning walk just outside of Martinborough. You start by walking through native bush and past the majestic wave rock. The track leads you down to the entrance of the Chasm. From there you make your way through the water past waterfalls and the moss-covered rock walls.

For most of the way, you’re walking with trees overhead. The sunlight peeks through until you get deeper into the chasm where the rocks come together to create a cave. 

The walk-in on private land and you have to book to visit. Bookings are only available from November until the end of March. This makes sense as I can imagine it would be pretty cold a slippery in the depths of winter.

You meet at the Patana Chasm farm and then get driven across the farmland to the start of the walk. You’re given 3 hours to complete the walk before you need to be back at the pickup spot. It’s plenty of time to walk at your own pace, take lots of pictures and stop to take breaks.

Waterfall in the Patuna Chasm

Getting there

The Patuna Chasm is about 15 minutes from Martinborough and about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Wellington. There’s plenty of parking and the directions from google maps will guide you there.

Patuna Chasm Farm

What to bring for your Patuna Chasm adventure

You will get wet while visiting the Patuna Chasm so a change of clothes is a must. If you bring nothing else make sure you have a change of shoes and socks. Nothing is worse than driving home with wet feet! A towel is also recommended if you intend to go to the deepest part of the Chasm and swim (you can bypass this section if you wish). A full water bottle is a must and pack snacks so you have something to eat after the walk.

Final thoughts

The Patuna Chasm is such a special place a well worth a visit. Don’t let the icy water or slippery rock scare you off. Embrace them as part of this unique experience and enjoy the beauty. The chasm is definitely one of the most unique walks in the area and I can’t wait head back next summer.

Walking through the Patuna Chasm

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