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Friday Night in Wellington: Dinner and Cocktails

emilysintransitFebruary 17, 2021

I have a habit of picking somewhere I like and then always going there. It’s comforting, I know I’m going to get something good but means I might be missing out on something new and exciting. This year is all about trying new things and going to new places. I decided to explore some restaurants and cocktails bars in Wellington I’d never been to before to celebrate my birthday.

Dinner #1 – The Simply Grill Kitchen

The night before my birthday my in-laws came to visit and took me out for birthday dinner #1. We decided to head to Jackson Street in Petone, which is overflowing with restaurants. Aft4er doing some research to discover somewhere I hadn’t bee before, we opted for The Simply Grill Kitchen.

The place was pretty busy for a Thursday night, but the staff were attentive, and everything ran smoothly. I ordered the Slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder with herb mashed potatoes, peas and lamb braising jus and it was melt in your mouth delicious.

My in-laws and husband were equally pleased with their mains, and we finished the night off with dessert and espresso martinis.

Dinner #2 – Whistling Sisters

For my actual birthday, we decide to head into the CBD for dinner at Whistling Sisters. They describe themselves as “a place to gather with craft beer and fine food.” I’d experienced the beer before but never the food. The sharing plate menu appealed to me because it meant I’d get to try many different things without over-ordering.

We got the Chargrilled platter which featured coffee-rubbed sirloin, stuffed calamari, duck confit, chicken wings and a side of vegetables. All the food was delicious, and it was hard to pick a favourite.

Drinks #1 – Hanging Ditch

After dinner, we headed around the corner to Hanging Ditch. While I have been there before they change their cocktail menu all the time, so it’s kind of like trying somewhere new. Each month they pick a theme and this month was Brooklyn 99 (which I am a big fan of).

Cocktails included “It’s Wunch Time”, “The Vulture’ and other 99 themed drinks. I order a Larry Sherbet (name after a more obscure reference). The vibrant pink drink has sherbert round the edge of the glass, and it was so good it was hard not to drink it all at once.

Drinks #2 – Ascot

Next, we went to find a bar called Night Flower but accidentally ended up in a bar called Ascot. This mistake was totally fine with us as it turned out to be a pretty cool bar.

The bar describes itself as an organic wine bar and has an excellent selection of wines and cocktails. We ordered our drinks and enjoyed them on the sheltered rooftop. The vibe was low key and felt like you were completely separate from the rest of the world.

Look forward to heading there again.

Drinks #3 – Night Flower

After we finished our drinks at Ascot, we headed back down the stair in search of Night Flower, hidden behind a door with a golden lion. The bar has a secretive speakeasy feel to it and doesn’t have a menu. They service over 300 hundred cocktails ranging from the 1700’s to the 1920’s.

We took the waiters recommendation and started with some of their specialty punch before describing the flavours we liked, which he used to recommend some drinks. The cocktails were beautifully presented, and just as delicious.

I was a great way to end the evening, and if you want to grab a drink somewhere, that feels special and out of the ordinary, I highly recommend it.

Trying new things cocktails at night flower

Trying new things is good

My quest to try new things for my birthday worked out perfectly, and I can’t wait to see what adventure await in the coming months

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